Is Cork the best place in the world?

Cork, Ireland

Appropriately for St. Patrick’s Day! Is Cork the best place in the world? The locals certainly think so. One thing you’ll notice about this breezy, cosmopolitan city in Ireland’s southwest […]

Fish & Chips in England

Fish & Chips

Delicious Fish & Chips in England! Trust us, fish & chips tastes better across the pond! You can find this traditional English dish in nearly every pub across England. Usually […]

Glasgow, Scotland


Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city located in west-central Scotland. The city is on the Clyde River and accesses the Atlantic ocean, making its fame and fortune in shipping. […]

Liverpool, England

Liverpool, England

Liverpool, England Liverpool is a bustling city in the Northeastern side of England. It is known for being a big “football” city and as the home of the Beatles. The […]

The Industrial City of Manchester England

Manchester, England

Manchester is a wonderfully vibrant city in the Northwest part of England. Historically it was the world’s first industrial city, beginning with a textile boom about the turn of the […]

Return trip to Splendid Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland a Return Trip Edinburgh, Scotland is definitely a return trip! A little over a year ago, we were in the UK on vacation. While there we visited Manchester, […]