Useful Resources

On this page, you will find a multitude of useful links to help you with your vacation and planning. The links will range from information to the ability to book your own excursions for your vacation. Please take a look at the available resources and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

What Do I Need To Travel To A Certain Destination?

Visit the Sherpa website for up-to-date travel information and restrictions. By default, the page will load showing a map of the world that shows the categories that all the countries fall into. You can change the filters on this page to display results for the entire world or you can filter down to a specific country for more information about the requirements for your vacation. (i.e. Do I need a passport? What about a Visa?)

Booking Your Own Excursions with these Useful Links

Use the links below to our excursion providers to book your own excursions or to just research the possibilities while you are on vacation. If you would prefer, we can book your excursions for you at no additional cost, just let us know which excursion(s) you would like to do. You can contact us HERE or email us at

A List Of Resources

Useful Travel Information Resources  
U. S. Department of State The official travel guide for U.S. Citizens, including travel advisories
Passport Information Forms, fees, and application information
Traveling Abroad Information for traveling abroad from the U.S. Department of State
TSA Website Transportation Security Administration website
Traveler’s Checklist Printable form to help you prepare for international travel
Country Information Passport and visa requirements, required vaccinations, health concerns and availability of medical care, safety and security concerns, etc.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Health-related travel information from the CDC
Smart Traveler Enrollment Program Let the nearest US Embassy or Consulate know about your international travel plans!
– Receive information from the Embassy about safety conditions in your destination.
– The U.S. Embassy will have your contact information should they need to reach you due to a natural disaster or civil unrest.
– The U.S. Embassy can help family and friends find you in case of an emergency.
Global Entry U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that allows for expedited clearance at select airports.
TSA Pre-check Transportation Security Administration program for expedited security screening at select airports.
TSA Security Screening The ins and outs of airport security checks
The World Clock What time is it at your destination?
Currency Converter How much does that cost in US dollars?
Flight Delay Information FAA real-time flight delay information for all US airports.
Airline Statistics US Department of Transportation website for historical airline delay statistics.

More useful links to come, feel free to send suggestions to

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