Guadaloupe and her Cuisine

Les Saintes Guadeloupe

Guadaloupe is the last island for now. A beautiful butterfly-shaped island that is a colony of France in the French West Indies. The country receives considerable notice from the foodie […]

The Tastes of Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago

Seafood heavily influences Trinidad and Tobago cuisine. Two of the most common are curried crab and Dumplings but is also known for a wide array of soups and stews. Baiganee […]

The Food and Drink of Jamaica

All-inclusive resort

The food of Jamaica includes a mixture of cooking techniques, flavors, and spices influenced by African, Amerindian, Irish, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern people who have […]

Exploring the Caribbean Islands

bungalows caribbean getaway holiday

The Caribbean Hello, we hope you had some inspiration with “Europe’s Underrated Cities on Rivers.” For the next sequence, we will be switching gears a bit and heading to the […]

Basel, Switzerland

Basel Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland Basel Switzerland sits on the Rhine River near the borders of Germany and France. Basel is well worth the trip as a culture hub, with the largest concentrations […]

Egypt on AmaWaterways

Egypt on AmaWaterways

AmaWaterways new itinerary Secrets of Egypt and the Nile. AmaWaterways will be starting a brand new itinerary in Egypt, September of 2021. This itinerary will be aboard the AmaDahlia. The […]

Barbados, Maldives and Rwanda

Barbados, Maldives and Rwanda Good afternoon everyone! Just a few quick updates from around the globe. Specifically, regarding Barbados, the Maldives, and Rwanda. We have a PDF document from the […]

What is the value of a travel agent?

This picture sums it all up in one sentence! I am a PROUD TRAVEL AGENT! Travel agents provide personal service You will not get that from Expedia, Kayak,,… […]