Why is River Cruising so Popular?

River Cruises

Why is River Cruising so popular? In a world where travel has evolved into a tapestry of experiences, river cruising stands out as a journey that offers a unique blend of luxury, exploration, and tranquility. As travelers seek meaningful and enriching escapes, river cruising has emerged as a captivating option. Let’s delve into the joys […]

Western South Dakota

Spearfish Canyon

Western South Dakota by David Jahner For many travelers, visiting the Black Hills of Western South Dakota simply means exiting I-90 at Rapid City and following the signs to Mount Rushmore, taking a few obligatory photos of the Shrine to Democracy and then backtracking to the interstate to continue the onward journey to Yellowstone or […]

The Top 8 Things to do in Hawaii


As with many people, Hawaii is on our bucket list. Jo’El spent a lot of time this summer, painstakingly putting together a 3-week trip to Hawaii for a family that will be celebrating a graduation from graduate school. She put long hours into planning the 3-island trip right down to turn by turn directions. The […]

A Villa Escape in Hawaii

Picture of Villa

Overview of Villa This sunrise-facing Villa in Hawaii is perched directly above the oceanfront green of the 15th hole and offer breathtaking views that span from the historic Ninini Point Lighthouse to the Hau’pu mountains. Laola residences welcome the natural Hawaiian landscape into the interiors with a seamless flow from the exterior to interior. Rich […]