Day 2 in Amsterdam

Day 2 in Amsterdam This post has been a long time in coming! It seems like I have had no time since we got back from vacation with Christmas and work to write more about Amsterdam. While we were on vacation, there was absolutely no time to post, we were too busy enjoying our vacation. […]

Amsterdam – A great first impression

After an overnight flight from the states, we landed in Amsterdam around 8:30 am. We were able to catch a catnap or two on the trip so that we were raring to go once we hit the city. Our time in Amsterdam was going to be limited and we wanted to catch as much of […]

Traveling from a mom’s perspective

Traveling from a mom’s perspective Jon is the wonder with words but is also the more factual and analytical of us both. I tease him that he has a hard outer shell with a warm gooey center.  Seriously though, I felt the need to talk to you from my perspective, a more touchy feely one. […]

Day one in Amsterdam!


Day one in Amsterdam! Our first day in Europe! More commentary and pics to come later. Rail and tram are extremely easy to navigate in Amsterdam. The train in from the airport was a breeze and in typical European fashion, the tram and train stop are within blocks of our hotel. This is a picture […]

Welcome to our Journey

Welcome Thank you for joining us on our journey! Today is the first day in a new direction, in a new way of life and a new way of living life. Today is the day that we created this site to provide others with ideas, advice, and a look through our lens about travel. We […]

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