What to expect from a River Cruise

River Cruise

What to Expect from a River Cruise A River Cruise is one of the most popular forms of travel. It allows you to relax and intimately enjoy the destination like no other vacation option. Expectations for a river cruise can vary depending on the cruise line, itinerary, and personal preferences. However, here are some general […]

Why is River Cruising so Popular?

River Cruises

Why is River Cruising so popular? In a world where travel has evolved into a tapestry of experiences, river cruising stands out as a journey that offers a unique blend of luxury, exploration, and tranquility. As travelers seek meaningful and enriching escapes, river cruising has emerged as a captivating option. Let’s delve into the joys […]

4 Incredible Countries You Will Explore on the Rhine

Heidelberg, Germany

In this article we will introduce 4 Incredible Countries You Will Explore on the Rhine. With their fabulous rooftop pools, jacuzzies, and wellness programs plus their exquisite cuisine and delicious cocktail drinks available around-the-clock it’s tempting to many to never leave the ship. But as much as they take pride in their impeccable service, we […]

Spanish Steps in Rome

Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps in Rome I “WISH” I could have taken this picture when I was in Rome! Photo credits go to Getty Images for this shot. When I was there, hundreds, if not thousands of people were on the steps and in the surrounding areas. It was in 2008 that I was in Rome. I […]

Barbados, Maldives and Rwanda

Barbados, Maldives and Rwanda Good afternoon everyone! Just a few quick updates from around the globe. Specifically, regarding Barbados, the Maldives, and Rwanda. We have a PDF document from the Barbados Ministry of Tourism that explains the protocols that are in place in order to travel to their country. Send us an email at info@jlapptravels.com […]