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Beaches Negril

Beaches Negril

Beaches Negril
Beaches Negril

The first leg of our inspection trip in Jamaica started at Beaches Negril. Over the course of this blog post, I will try to do my best at giving a blow by blow account of the first day. We started our day super early in the AM by waking up at three in order to get to the airport for the 6:30am flight. Knowing what I know now, I would have spent the extra on a direct flight to Jamaica.

Landed in Jamaica

I will spare you the details of the flight, that may be a whole other post. Our inbound experience was good. We did not have Club Mobay on the way in, which is a VIP add-on that allows you to get priority access to customs. Regardless, the entry into the country went fairly quickly and after processing through customs, we went to the Sandals lounge to get to our transfer to the resort. The staff at the lounge were very organized and helpful. They handle everything for you for the transfer and direct you to the lounge. The lounge has bathrooms, tables and chairs, beverages, snacks, etc. for those arriving. You wait in the lounge until your transfer is announced.

The Transfer

The bus was full, but was comfortable and air conditioned for the slightly over an hour drive to Beaches Negril. It was uneventful and we arrived at the resort, ready to unpack and relax. Our tours were scheduled to start on day two.

Check-in Process

The check-in process was very smooth and we were on the resort at what is called “Club” level. I will explain the different levels and then I will explain what the differences are. As you may have heard at some point in your life, you get what you pay for. Well here is were it starts. (Actually starts at Club Mobay which I will describe in greater detail in a later post) The different levels of rooms (and service) are Luxury, Club and Butler. In Luxury, you get to the resort and check in at the front desk.

The waiting area is nice, but is generally open air and there is refreshments, but no AC. We were Club level, you are escorted to an air conditioned room, with refreshments and places to sit. The check in process is done on an iPad while you wait your turn in line. At the Butler level, you wait for your butler to come and get you. You will be escorted to your room and the check in is done in the room. We did not experience butler service, but I will do my best to explain it in a future post.

The remainder of our first day

After check-in, we made our way to our room and our bags were there. We unpacked and changed into something more comfortable. The rest of the day was ours until the welcome dinner that evening. Our BDM, Julie, who had put this trip together, also arranged for this dinner. I could be writing for days just on this day alone, but suffice to say, Beaches Negril, the evening, the dinner, the other agents that we met, the staff that we met, it was all fantastic! I will continue with more of the trip in further blogs over the next few days. Until then, safe travels!

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