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We remove the stress and uncertainty of booking your own vacation.

At Travel by Jon & Jo’El, we know that planning that trip of a lifetime can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Flights, transfers, reservations, or any of the planned experiences can easily go awry, causing your vacation to be full of stress and frustration.

It should not be that way!

When we plan vacations for our clients they feel confident, relaxed, and reassured. Our white-glove, one-time professional planning fee includes concierge travel planning from the time you hire us until the time you return home. Allowing you to sit back and relax while we put together a vacation that is exactly what you want.

How Does the Trip-Planning Process Work?


Initial Consultation

Getting to know one another is the first step to crafting the travel experience of your dreams. During our first consultation, (which can be in person at the office or remotely via Zoom, FaceTime or Facebook) we will discuss your travel style and preferences, and we will answer any questions you may have about the trip-planning process and any fees involved. 


Developing Your Perfect Trip

Once we agree to work together, we will begin bringing your trip to life by creating itineraries and organizing travel arrangements and reservations based on all of the information you have provided. We will work together until the travel plan is exactly what you have in mind. During this phase, we will reach out to our network of travel industry connections to bring you the best deals and experiences available. 


Initial Preparations

Once an acceptable travel plan has been developed that meets all of your expectations, the real fun begins! We will provide you with a convenient and comprehensive itinerary that includes all of your travel documents and plans in one place. You can spend time reviewing your upcoming accommodations and experiences at any time – even while traveling! We will also offer plenty of tips and suggestions for your specific destinations and we will be on standby should any questions or issues arise.


Your Travel Adventure Begins

At this point, your trip will begin, and you can relax knowing your travels have been carefully arranged and customized to fit your preferences. You will have the freedom to enjoy your trip without stressing about what comes next on your itinerary or whether reservations have been booked. You can also feel confident in knowing that we are standing by 24/7 should anything unexpected occur.

Save You Time

We do the research so that you do not have to, saving you hours of your time. We will provide ideas and suggestions for dining and activities while you travel.

Save You Money

We have the connections and the tools that could save you money. We will also watch for price drops after booking!

Travel With Confidence

Relax with 100% confidence that all of the details are handled and nothing is forgotten.


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