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Travel by Jon & Jo’El

is a travel agency that is a resource for travelers who want unique experiences. We are experienced travel agents that can help you plan any type of vacation. From all-inclusive resorts to ocean cruises and river cruises. Customized itineraries anywhere in the world. We are your small boutique travel agency located at 231 Broad Street downtown in Rome, Georgia.

Hello, we are Jon and Jo’El Lapp. Our business, Travel by Jon & Jo’El was born from a long time dream to run a business together while combining our love of learning about destinations and traveling together and as a family.

Stop by the office and see us! We have brochures from our providers that you can take home with you and we can accommodate social distancing.

  • We create an unforgettable vacation for our clients, by taking care of all the details.
  • We use experience from our own travels and our knowledge of the industry to tailor your vacation to exceed your expectations.
  • We believe that a vacation should be exciting, enriching, and memorable. We specialize in luxury travel.
  • Luxury travel is not a price tag, it is experiencing destinations in inspirational, unprecedented ways on your terms. Truly luxurious travel provides experiences tailored to your personalized preferences, including what you desire, how you like it, where and when you want it.
  • We work with everyone, families, groups, solo travelers. If you want more than an ordinary vacation, we will make that happen.
  • We are available 24/7 while you vacation, so you always have someone to help you through and take care of any unforeseen issues. This is your vacation, you do not need to worry or stress, while you are on it.

River Cruising

One of our favorite ways to travel is on the rivers around the world. The VALUE that you receive on a river cruise is unsurpassed and can only be compared to some of the best 5-star all-inclusive resorts. Click on the button below to be taken to our page about river cruising.

All-inclusive resort

All Inclusive Resorts

What’s not to love about all-inclusives! You can leave your wallet in the room and not worry about paying for anything. But, they like anything else are not all created equal. Some may cost a bit more but shine above the others. Some have excellent kids programs and even nanny services, so that mom and dad get a true vacation!


Ocean Cruising

Its not all casino’s, and parties. Did you know that a Disney Cruise is the number one Cruise for adults? With Fine dining and Broadway entertainment, and an adult only section, it proves that there is so much to learn about Ocean Cruising.

Family Travel

Family Travel

What can we say? We are parents, so we are experienced in the art of traveling as a family. We have traveled with our children to theme parks and all the way to Europe for a river cruise. No matter how you want to travel or where you want to go, we can help you put together a trip that will be enjoyable for the whole family and you will not have to pull out your hair! Now more than ever families are spread out all over the country. There is nothing better than spending time with ALL of your loved ones in a vacation setting. No cleaning the house, stocking the fridge and all the confusion that comes with a houseful of relatives, that are visiting for the holidays or a reunion.

Group Travel

Do you have a group of people that you would love to travel with? A class reunion, a wedding party, a family vacation, a corporate retreat, friends’ getaway, or a bachelorette weekend?
Do you have a group of people that share an interest of your? Maybe golfing, history, art or diving?
There are tons of benefits to traveling as group. These could include better pricing and discounts. You may get perks like private dinners, cocktail hours, gift baskets.

If you are a solo traveler, a group may be a great way to take advantage of these perks as well.

Discover how you can reap huge benefits by becoming a group travel leader!

V3 Article

Article in V3 Magazine

Click the link above to read the article that V3 magazine in Rome, GA wrote about us. The article was written a few months before we had the storefront on Broad Street. in Rome.

Do you enjoy traveling? Do you enjoy having conversations about travel and destinations with like minded individuals? Then click the button below and join our private Facebook group of members that enjoy the same.

Travel is our passion! With that said, we immerse ourselves in training and researching ALL kinds of travel. It has opened our eyes to areas of the world that we would never have considered for travel, along with niches of travel that appeal to everyone’s taste. Our job is to bring our knowledge and love to travel to your vacation and apply our experience and knowledge to create the perfect trip. We provide a personal service that you cannot get online through a booking engine like Expedia or Bookit. We know that everyone has a budget and a variety of preferences. While we can book and provide any kind of travel and vacation destination, we are very experienced in river cruising, smaller ocean cruising and all-inclusive resorts. We chose to concentrate on those, the main reason being the value that we feel you get with these types of trips. They may have a higher price point, but the value they offer when compared to other types of travel becomes obvious when compared.

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