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At Travel by Jon & Jo’El, we specialize in all-inclusive vacations.

We focus on Quality, Experiences, and Value.

Travel by Jon & Jo'El

You Deserve a Worry Free Vacation

You have heard the horror stories. The vacations that have gone awry. The bad accommodations, food, and/or service. The forgotten or missed transfers.

You may have traveled less or not at all because of them. Do you try to avoid these problems by spending hours researching and trying to get everything right, still uncertain that you remembered all the little details?

Call center operators and booking engines focus on quantity. They do not know you or your loved ones and certainly do not create a vacation that is customized to you.

Are you looking for a travel agent and see a lot of part-time agents that have nothing but theme parks on their website and social media? If they are not well traveled, are you going to trust them to put together your vacation?

We spend a significant amount of time and money learning about destinations and suppliers. We learn about and experience the types of vacations our clients want.

Our clients want luxury but want to see the value.

Schedule a free consultation with our team and let’s make things happen!

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