Luxury Cruising

Factors to consider when selecting a luxury Ocean or River cruise

There are so many options, we know it can be overwhelming. We also know that there is a feeling that you will get, when you walk into the lobby of your ship. We are here to make sure that the feeling is one of excited anticipation, but also one of familiarity. This will be your home for the next several days. You want to feel as comfortable as possible and that you are right where you are supposed to be.

Here are some important factors to consider


Ship layout is important. 

Are the beds in view of the water?

Do the cabins have ample storage for your luggage and is it easy to organize?

Does your room have sufficient outdoor access for you to enjoy the river while sailing?

Would you prefer double sinks? Multi-flow showerheads? Separate rooms in your suite?

Does sustainability matter to you? Recycling? Refillable Glass water bottles? 

Water refill stations for your containers?

Luxury Cruising


Do you want an opulent environment? 

Are you more simplistic and cleaner in design?

Are you comfortable with no artwork in a cabin or would it feel too sterile?

Is technology important to you? What about a portable hot spot? iPads in the rooms?

Luxury Cruising


This may seem like a no brainer, everyone wants good food, but there is much more to consider.

Does the cruise offer room service? If yes, when? If you missed dinner, can you get something on the ship?

Are there quick meal services or are all the meals sit down and timed? If you want to get out and explore, or catch an excursion, you may not have time for a timed meal.

Does the cruise line make an effort to have local food and beverages? If so, how local are they? How extensive are their choices?

Does your cruise come with a beverage package? Does it meet your needs?

Is meal seating fixed or flex? Do you want to sit with the same people at every meal?

How is the cruise line when it comes to substitutions and flexibility?

Are you a snacker? Do you want access to snacks, coffee, tea or beverages beyond the normal hours?


You should care not only about what ports you are going, to but what there is to do in each port.

Are you interested in unique rivers or ports?

Do you prefer physically active or more laid-back excursions? Do you prefer excursions that explore food, beer, wine, art, music, history, and architecture?

Is the shore excursion list a match for your travel style, interests, and passions?

Are you bringing children? Is the line, family-friendly? Consider what would young and adult children like to see and do.

Are there multiple options so you can all do what interests you personally? 

Do the excursions offer you ample time to explore on your own? Go back for the souvenir you saw in the shop window. Eat a pastry that you saw in a bakery window. Some lines have all day intensive excursions, which you may love or dislike.

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