Welcome! Travel is our passion! With that said, we immerse ourselves in training and researching ALL kinds of travel. It has opened our eyes to different types of travel and vacations. It has opened our eyes to areas of the world that we would never have considered for travel. Now, our job is to bring our knowledge and love of travel to you. We apply our experience and knowledge to create the perfect trip. We provide a personal service that you cannot get online through a booking engine like Expedia or Bookit. We know that everyone has a budget and a variety of preferences. While we can book and provide any kind of travel and vacation destination, we are honing our skills and expertise on river cruising and all inclusive resorts. We chose to concentrate on those for several reasons. First reason and foremost is to become experts in these areas. Another reason is the value that we feel you get with these types of trips.

Why hire an Agent or better yet, us?

As agents, we are here to do most of the work for you. It costs you nothing to hire us to plan your vacation. We get to know your styles and preferences. We take what you tell us and create the perfect trip. All you have to do is pack!! We work with you the entire way. We ask lots of questions that give us an understanding of preferences and habits you may not even know you had. Online platforms do not care if you are picking a vacation that may not suite your entire family. They may not tell you that the beautiful resort you see in pictures is experiencing a seaweed problem on the beach or that they have a party scene until 3 in the morning and your room is just a short distance from the club beat you will hear all night. We are independent travel agents in Northwest Georgia and have a vast network of travel providers to work with. This network allows us to provide you with the best possible experience for your money.


The current COVID-19 situation has put a spotlight on the need for an agent when booking travel. We keep up with all the changes in itineraries and cancellation policies. We are the ones that are on hold and make sure that your vacation is taken care of, be that a refund or a credit or reschedule. We work directly with the industry, let us wade through the myriad of policies for you to protect you money and time. When your flight is delayed or you leave your phone in a cab, it is OUR job to stay on hold until we resolve your problem. That way you can relax and enjoy your vacation. You pay us nothing, we are paid by the travel providers with money that would otherwise stay in their pocket.

Tools and Knowledge

We use many of the same tools you can use to book your own travel, but we also have access to tools that are not available to the general public. We have the resources and the contacts in the industry that you do not have. For example, we often call customer representatives that we personally know to check on our clients while they are on vacation, just so they have a peace of mind knowing their pleasure is our priority. So now, you may be getting a better deal and EVERYTHING is taken care of for you. Things like seating picks on the plane, Disney Dining reservations and fast passes, cruise excursion reservations, etc. Really, all you have to do is pack!!


So whether it is an ocean cruise, a river cruise, an all inclusive resort in a tropical location or a Disney vacation for the family, it would be our privilege to plan your vacation and use our expertise AND resources to make your trip as memorable and relaxing as possible. Send us an email or give us a call so that we can begin planning your next adventure.

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