South Africa

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South Africa

Welcome To South Africa

South Africa is the African continent’s 9th largest country according to its landmass. The reasons to visit this vast and culturally diverse nation are seemingly endless, and that is why it makes it on so many people’s bucket lists. To encourage you a little more and to further enhance your excitement, here are a few peeks at the country, the wildlife and a game reserve that should make you want to travel there at last once in your life.

Join us in the fall of 2022 for an exciting trip to the cities and the bush. There is so much to see and do. We will be spending time in at least one major city. We will spend some time exploring the countries wine region and visit a winery or two. Read our blog entry here.
We will also be spending time on a game reserve that is an all-inclusive resort. While we are there, you will get to experience giraffe, zebra, elephant, rhinoceros, cheetah and more!

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