I want to start off this entry by saying, “I am not going to name names!” This is not the place to be throwing stones, but I did want to let everyone know where Jo’El and I stand on the topic. We have an abundance of travel partners available to us to work with and we have formed relationships with over fifty at this point in time. After Jo’El read an article this past week that disturbed her and we both did a little research on the revelations of the article, it brought us to the subject of this blog. Picking our “right” travel partners.

What does that mean?

It simply means, who do we want to do business with? Who do we feel comfortable with as a company, an entity, a global citizen? Jo’El and I are by far perfect global citizens, but we do have ideals and expectations. We do our part to recycle, conserve natural resources where we can and we do our best to not pollute the environment.

Business Partners


Price does play a role in the partners that we pick, but not like you would think. A lot of the time a consumer, yes that includes us too, purchase based upon price. A better word that I like to use when choosing a travel partner is value. We have travel partners with a wide range of products and services. They also provide a wide range of service to us and you as clients. We do not pick the lowest price provider, we pick the provider that will deliver the best value for the money that we spend.

Environmental Responsibility

This is the meat and the precipitous of the blog. The article that Jo’El read last week shed light on some information that was particularly disheartening. Both of us had a hard time believing what she had read, so we both did more reading to make sure we had a complete story. I always believe that there are two sides to a story and I believe in giving the benefit of the doubt. Needless to say, what we discovered led to what I am going to put into the final paragraph of today’s blog.

Picking Our “Right” Travel Partners

When a client walks into our store, they are greeted with a cozy, bright atmosphere and Jo’El and I, friendly and inviting. We love when people walk in and it gives us the opportunity to talk “travel” and destinations with people. It is what we love to do! With that said, we will provide service to our clients and provide them with a vacation that matches their wishes. That includes helping to plan and book a vacation with any travel partner they choose that we have the ability to book through.

(We do not always have the ability to use a provider if we have not signed up our agency with them.) I said that because we have made a conscious choice as of last week to not promote a few of the partners that we have. When we talk with our customers, we will not be suggesting their products and services. The information that we read last week, makes it impossible for us to feel “good” about using them. Anyone that would like more information can stop by and we can discuss it in person. Thank you and have a great and safe day!

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