No Do-Overs

No Do-Overs
Click the image above for an article by Forbes Magazine on why you need a travel agent!

There are “No Do-Overs” for a vacation gone wrong. You work hard, save money, and then plan a trip. What if the hotel you pick is not located close to the attractions? Am I close to public transportation? Am I comfortable using it? What happens if I miss my connection? What happens if I miss a train or a transfer? Those are the details that we, as travel advisors, handle. Once your vacation turns sour and you have no help, it is too late.

Sure, you can get on Expedia and book your own hotel, boy that price looks great, but… what other expenses are you going to incur because of that choice? Is it really a savings then? Let us worry about all of that for you, that way all you must do is sit back and enjoy what your hard work has provided.

Once you are on vacation and you run into a snag, there are no do-overs! This is the number reason to have a travel agent working for you in the background. Our planning fee not only covers all the research that we do for you to plan your vacation, but it also includes us being on call 24/7 while you are travelling. That way, if there is a snag while you are travelling, you text or call us and WE take care of it for you.

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