River Cruising

River cruising is one of the areas that we specialize in. This form of travel is very appealing to us and the possible destinations and itineraries are endless. River cruising is both intimate and immersive. Most riverboats have less than 150 guests and the amenities are world class. Several providers have all inclusive packages and the possibility of pre or post cruise extensions further enhance your vacation. River cruising offers the opportunity to explore all of Europe, Asia, Africa and the US. Some of the areas that you can reach on a river cruise were not easily explored in the past by other means.

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A river cruise may seem pricey at first, but once you consider what you are getting for the price, it is well worth it. You are in a 5 star floating hotel that travels with you, you unpack once. Meals at multiple dining venues and daily excursions are included with your cruise price. The meals are hand prepared by award winning chefs. Most itineraries include complementary special programs including lectures, theme dinners, cooking demonstrations and onboard music performances. Most river cruise companies have special relationships that give you exclusive access to historical and cultural venues in the cities that you will be visiting. This opens up unique opportunities to explore and learn the local culture and meet the people. When you add up the costs of meals, hotels, excursions and transportation around Europe for the same length of time, you will see that you are getting a great value. Plus you have English speaking guides with you on all of the excursions. You also are free to explore on your own.

AmaWaterways is a family owned and run river cruise company and one of our favorite providers. Use the button below to be taken to their website and browse the itineraries and make your booking.

There are dozens of companies that can provide river cruises. Each company comes with its own itineraries and included amenities. The variations are endless. It is our job to find the cruise that fits your needs. Click the button below to download our 10 page document that compares the differences with 4 of the top river cruise providers.

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River Cruises