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We Handle Everything

The trip management fee. At Travel by Jon & Jo’El, we do more than just book your vacation, we MANAGE every aspect of your trip. Our role extends beyond the booking process. We create vacations that are exceptional, memorable, inspiring, and designed just for you. The process requires knowledge and expertise acquired through education and personal experience. It also demands a considerable commitment of time and effort for research of destinations, accommodations, transportation, tours and excursions, special needs, and travel trends specific to your trip. We provide expertise, management of details, and personalized support from initial consultation to your safe return home, instant dividends on your investment of both finances and valuable vacation time.

We also look out for your best interests before, during, and after travel and protect your vacation dollars and hours. If you need to cancel a booking, we handle that as well as work with the insurance company to make sure that we get any refund or credit owed to you. If your luggage goes missing, we work on finding it. We do our absolute best to make sure that nothing happens, but travel problems arise and we work day and night to make sure your time on vacation is not affected. We are available to assist when necessary, and you will benefit from our connections and relationships with our supplier partners. We also try to get the “extras” so that every detail is taken care of for you.

And just like other professionals, we charge a fee for our expertise and our commitment to making your vacation the best experience possible. You may ask, “Don’t you get paid a commission?” While it is common for suppliers to pay a commission for travel advisor bookings, not all suppliers follow that practice, and some of them that do pay, pay poorly. Also, commissions are paid after travel, meaning travel advisors receive zero compensation from suppliers for time and effort put into the research that doesn’t result in a traveled booking. If you are looking for a true partner, then we cannot wait to start working with you.

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