Groups traveling
Family traveling as a group

Groups, do you have a group that needs to travel together? A class reunion, a wedding party, a family vacation, a corporate retreat, friends’ getaway, a bachelorette weekend?

No matter the type of group you have, group travel tours can help structure and simplify your vacation. Like grocery shopping at a warehouse store, serious savings can be found when buying in bulk. Whether you are looking to rent a house in Nantucket, sign your family up for a guided long-distance bike ride along Lake Champlain, or arrange for a tropical girls-only retreat, group trips provide an opportunity for travelers to spend some quality time with the people they love.

Groups of any kind, any size, drop us a note and we will be happy to help you plan your trip!

Do you have a group of friends or family that you normally travel with? Would you like to learn how to travel for free or reduce the cost for everyone? It is much easier than you may think, stop by the office and we can talk about it or you can call or send us a message for more information!

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

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