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Why use a local travel agent?

I just saw a thread on Facebook that was discussing a travel agent telling a client that they charged $100 per stateroom to book a cruise. A travel agent that was following the thread stated that a good travel agent does not charge for their services. That is true with us as well. Another person then proceeded to say, “You don’t charge! What do you do, work for free?”

The simple answer is no, no we do not work for free. We are paid by the travel providers with a commission. Providers like Carnival, Norwegian, Disney, Universal, Royalton Resorts, etc., etc..

There is a misconception with travelers, that they can book a vacation cheaper themselves than they can using a travel agent. Well I hate to tell you, but you are paying the same amount. You are paying the same amount as if you would have used our services. You are paying a commission even when you book a vacation yourself. The difference is, who gets that commission?

Now, you could book your cruise yourself on the Carnival website and give them your commission, fueling the corporate giant or you could support a local business and business owner by booking through your local travel agent. The price will be the same, the difference is, you will be supporting someone in your community, not a business based who knows where in this world.

Every year you see signs and posts for small business Saturdays, keeping your business local and supporting local businesses. Well folks, a travel agent is one of those local businesses.

Our experience becomes your experience. We love what we do and we love to travel ourselves. Our job and our commitment is to make your vacation the best possible experience with the least amount of headache and hassle.

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