New Direction in Life

Good morning, afternoon, evening depending on where you are following from in the world. I am writing today about a big change that is coming in my life this week. (This is Jon) I am leaving my Maintenance Manager position, my last day at the plant is Wednesday and I am going to focus on travel full-time. I also started the Georgia Real Estate Pre-licensing course at the beginning of the year and with work, have not had time to complete it, so I am taking the time now to do that and attain my Georgia Realty license.

First and foremost, I want to spend the time with my family and friends that I do not have now. I am “MAKING” that work/life balance that everyone needs rather than waiting for it to find me. (It has not in the last 3 1/2 years) Jo’El and I hope that this will give us the opportunity to travel more, so that we can show you more of what the world has to offer and encourage you to travel more. Doing so will also give us the experience and expertise to plan an amazing vacation for you. Of all of the places that we have been in this world, there are still more that we have not seen.

Here is to the future, to the leap of faith that Jo’El and I are taking together and to traveling. Let us put our love of traveling to work for you, we will put as much into your vacation as we would our own and lastly, as always, our services cost you nothing. We are paid by the travel providers with money that you are already giving them when you book yourself. Our services are free to you.

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