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Happy Monday everyone! I used to travel all the time for work, I was younger then but still did not relish the hours in an airport and the lonely nights eating at the nearby restaurant. Nowadays not so much, but occasionally I do have to travel for work. As a matter of fact I leave today for a week at our corporate headquarters. I hate being away from my family and sitting at the airport has not gotten much better, but work travel does not have to be such a chore. It also makes me wonder how many of my friends and connections, travel and need help arranging travel for work? How many of you make the most of the city you are in and take in the sights? Did you know that private tours of almost any length are offered in just about every city? Tour companies in major cities around the country and world offer sightseeing trips during your layover in their city. For example you could be flying to Germany and take a 6 hour private car around Paris instead of sitting at Charles De Gaulle. Some airports offer tours and other great distractions such as in-airport movie theatres, museums, musical performances, and tropical gardens. The best part? These are available for FREE, and no visa is required as you’re considered an “in transit” passenger. We will take care of your flights, hotel, car rental, dinner reservations and any sightseeing that you want to do, including tickets to shows.

So the next time you have to travel for business. give us a call and lets see how we can make the experience that much better for you.

All we need from you is dates, times, destination of travel and any special requirements you may have. We will prepare a quote for you and then all we need is payment information.

As always, there is no cost to you for our services unless you are booking JUST A FLIGHT, then there is a small fee, as airlines do not pay commissions.

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