Traveling from a moms perspective

Traveling from a moms perspective

Traveling from a moms perspective

Jon is the wonder with words but is also the more factual and analytical of us both. I tease him that he has a hard outer shell with a warm  gooey center.  Seriously though, I felt the need to talk to you from my perspective, a more touchy feely one.  

I’m sitting here In the ships lounge waiting for Jon, watching Macie work on her math homework.  There is soft chatter in the background about plans for the afternoon while the  “Drummer Boy” plays in the background.  I am thinking about the last 3 days and the few more ahead. It was a big decision to bring the girls on this trip. Would they enjoy themselves? Would  table manners prevail? Would they keep arguing to a minimum?

Many parents plan their traveling based on what will keep there child entertained.  Now, I am a huge fan of Disney and amusement parks in general but there is so much more to planning a vacation.  We should never assume that traveling will be boring for a child. 

Children are sponges!  They soak up information and history with a purity and perspective , that we as adults lost many years ago.  

As I watch my daughters faces, I have seen curiosity and wonderment that truly warms my soul.  Their eyes grow larger as they look at landscapes and tilt their heads to see the frescos that decorate many of the historic sights.

Two days ago, we went to the Anne Frank museum.  Macie couldn’t get enough of this place.  She is a child that tends to bore easily.  She read every placard. Listened to every audio.  She took in every corner of every tiny room.  

My daughter has an understanding of the  holocaust  that most American children will never attain.  I’m okay with that. I want my children to understand and realize the world has been and can be a horrific place. I want them to understand history and live lives that make the world a better place through empathy and understanding.  

Never discount your child’s understanding of the world. Take every opportunity to teach them and show them the world.  We are not a wealthy family but have wealth in what we share as a family.

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